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  • Rhonda Tavolazzi

Wedding Venue Ideas: The Allure of Countryside Wedding Venues

Updated: May 3

Your chosen wedding venue will help define the experience you and your guests have. Upon being presented with wedding venue ideas, you and your spouse-to-be may be overwhelmed by the sheer variety of available options. It is hard not to fall in love with each one when you examine their unique offerings.

Still, you can only pick one venue for your nuptials, and there is a strong case for a countryside location. What are the advantages of choosing a rural location for your wedding? Learn more about them by continuing with the rest of this article.

View of rope swing and wooden bridge of the stream at Saddle Point Event Venue

Countryside Venues Come With Natural Wedding Décor

The first advantage of selecting a rural destination for your wedding venue is related to décor. Countryside wedding venues already come with natural elements that can elevate your chosen motif. You do not need to carry out extensive preparations to make your venue halfway presentable on the wedding day since nature gives you so much to work with.

Have you always wanted to buck conventional wedding themes by featuring a more colorful motif? Doing so is possible if you select a countryside location for your wedding. Set your nuptials for the spring and use the blooming flowers to provide wonderful bursts of color for your photos.

If you prefer a more rustic theme for your wedding, you can hold the ceremony in a wooded area. Hang some decorations from the trees, and you can instantly create a beautiful setting for your vows.

An open field somewhere in the countryside could also be your ideal wedding venue if you want something more minimalist. The changing positions of the sun in the backdrop can even add a more dynamic element to your wedding album.

Do not forget about the financial benefits of using elements provided by nature as your wedding decorations. According to, most couples spend 20 to 30%  of their budget on decorations. On the high end, some couples dedicate around 45% of their budget solely to those decorative elements.

You will still spend some money on décor if you select a countryside venue, but you should keep it more manageable. The best part is you can curb your spending on décor without compromising your vision for the venue.

Countryside Venues Have Fewer Restrictions

Popular ideas include homes, churches, and courthouses. These locations possess unique features that can make your wedding more special but have notable drawbacks. More specifically, they often impose restrictions on decorations.

Some of the restrictions may be necessary to prevent damage, while others may be in keeping with traditions. Regardless of why the restrictions are in place, they can get in the way of your decorating plans. Establishing your motif may take more work because you need to avoid certain areas. The restrictions may even make recreating your exact vision impossible.

Structural restrictions are less of a factor if you have chosen a countryside wedding venue. Once you have selected your countryside venue, you can set up whichever structures are necessary and create your ideal settings. Some limitations may slow down your preparations, but you should be able to work around them. In a more traditional venue, those restrictions will derail your plans.

If you have some big wedding venue ideas in mind, your only option may be to pick a countryside location. Any other setting may be too limiting.

Countryside Venues Provide Abundant Space

Available space is always an important consideration when selecting a wedding venue. If you plan to have plenty of people on hand for your exchange of vows, your venue must accommodate them. That is another reason rural venues can be great choices.

You can find countryside locations that provide over 3,500 square feet of available space. Both exterior and interior spaces may also be available. Use those varied spaces to keep your guests comfortable and your food offerings safe.

The abundant space provided by your countryside wedding venue is helpful not only for accommodating your guests and food offerings. You can also take advantage of it in other ways to create the ideal wedding destination.

For instance, you can reserve a big chunk of that space for parking. Position the temporary parking lot close to the ceremony location so your guests do not need to take a long trek through the landscape. You can also add other temporary features to make the space easier to navigate for your guests.

Countryside wedding venues also offer more decorating possibilities. With all that space available, you can go all out with your décor. Set up some outdoor games for your guests to let loose after the ceremony. Get creative with that available space and offer an experience your guests will not forget anytime soon.

Countryside Venues Can Offer Separate Ceremony and Reception Venues

With a courthouse or church wedding, only the ceremony itself will occur at your chosen location. After the ceremony, you and your guests will likely have to drive to the reception venue. There is nothing wrong with holding your wedding and reception at separate locations, but it can be inconvenient. Plus, there is always a chance that some of your guests may get stuck in traffic, causing them to arrive at the second location later than expected.

Avoid those potential problems by booking a countryside wedding venue. You should specifically look for a spacious venue to make the wedding experience more convenient for your guests.

Set up the ceremony venue in one part of the rural location and choose another area for your reception. That way, your guests can walk over to the reception after the ceremony. They will not be affected by factors out of your control.

Another advantage of establishing separate ceremony and reception venues on the same lot is eliminating the need for immediate cleanup. Since you've booked the whole place for your big day, feel free to kick back and deal with the post-wedding decor takedown the following day. No rush, just enjoy the festivities! So, spend the rest of your day enjoying the company of your spouse and your loved ones.

Side view of the event bar and outdoor entertaining area at Saddle Point Event Venue

Countryside Venues Are Becoming More Popular

Wedding venue ideas have become more diversified. While people still consider banquet halls for receptions, they are not the only options that can please your guests.

According to The Knot’s 2023 Global Wedding Report, barns are now tied with banquet halls as the most popular reception locations in the United States. More people now love the idea of hosting their first event as a couple at that type of rustic venue.

It is worth noting that banquet halls are still the most popular reception venues in other parts of the world, but that may present you with an interesting opportunity. If your friends and family members have not been to a reception held in a barn before, you can be the one who starts a new trend. Show your guests that countryside wedding venues can be lovely and enjoyable and watch them follow suit. You may even get a special shout-out at their reception for providing the inspiration.

Countryside Venues Double as Vacation Destinations

Attending a wedding should be an enjoyable experience instead of an annoyance. Your previous experiences attending weddings may sadly be closer to the latter. Booking your hotel and arranging travel can significantly drain your time and resources. By the end of the festivities, you may feel more anxious about making your flight instead of reveling in the joy of the experience.

After going through that experience, your priority may be saving your guests from that. You can do that by booking a rural wedding venue.

Make accommodations available at your wedding destination by turning an old farmhouse into a temporary hotel. You can even hire chefs to prepare meals for your guests.

You can also save on other amenities by arranging this type of experience for your wedding guests. Instead of setting up entertainment options at your venue, your guests can spend their free time exploring the area. They can spend the days leading up to the wedding traveling through the area and checking out the local attractions.

Schedule your wedding during the holidays so it can double as a grand family reunion. Allow your loved ones to spend more time with each other as they celebrate your nuptials.

Countryside Venues Grant Access to Fresh and Delicious Food Options

At some point in your wedding planning, you and your soon-to-be spouse must decide on your reception menu. The reception menu can feature any dishes you want, but having that freedom is not always a good thing. Now that you have a near-limitless number of options, you may have difficulty putting together a cohesive set of culinary offerings.

Make the selection process easier by building a menu based on local offerings. Offering this type of destination-inspired menu has inherent advantages.

First, you can ask local vendors about their most popular dishes. If you like their available food, you can hire them to cater your wedding or order some food. The dishes they serve are guaranteed to be fresh and delicious because they are sourced from local ingredients and cooked on your wedding day.

You should also consider working with local vendors to put your menu together because it can allow your guests to enjoy new treats. Choose a wedding destination in the South and treat your guests to delectable barbeque, fluffy cornbread, and unique desserts. If there is a type of regional cuisine you have always wanted to try, your wedding reception presents an ideal opportunity to enjoy it.

Countryside Venues Are Tranquil and Private Wedding Locations

A wedding is a life-defining event for many of us. You want that day to be truly special and meaningful. Ideally, you also want to spend it only in the company of people who matter to you most.

You are likely not getting that private and peaceful venue if you hold a courthouse or city hall wedding. It can still be a meaningful occasion, but it may not be the intimate affair you hoped for. The honking of motorists passing by may also interrupt the wedding proceedings.

Choose a countryside destination for your wedding if you are looking for a tranquil and private setting. Move away from the hustle and bustle of the big city to make your wedding day more memorable. Let your favorite songs and the sounds of nature serve as the only backdrops for your wedding vows.

Countryside wedding venues are also free from potential threats that could force rescheduling. You do not need to worry about a courthouse or city hall emergency preventing you from holding your wedding ceremony. Make sure your wedding ceremony happens on your desired date by picking a rural wedding venue.

Countryside Venues Save You From Double-Booking Issues

Lastly, you should also consider booking a countryside destination for your wedding because it saves you from potential problems related to double-booking.

Many of the popular indoor wedding venues have long waiting lists. Because of that, the owners of those establishments may only allow couples to book timeslots instead of full dates. With only a limited amount of time available, you will need to follow a tight schedule to ensure your ceremony does not intrude upon another couple’s time. As you can imagine, having a wedding like that can be stressful.

You can avoid those potential issues by booking a rural wedding location. Owners of countryside wedding venues are typically more open to letting guests book entire days or even several days. Do not allow time constraints to ruin your special day by choosing a countryside venue.

A countryside wedding venue can be the ideal setting for your nuptials. Are you still looking for your dream wedding destination? If so, we at Saddle Point Event Venue can provide the destination you are looking for. Contact us today so you can reserve your desired dates!


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