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Meet your hosts

Hi we're the Tavolazzi Family!

Hey there, I'm Rhonda! I grew up in Murfreesboro, TN, then moved to San Diego, CA in my early 20s and pursued a career as an EMT. It was during my time in California that I met the love of my life, Giani. Our journey was a whirlwind - from the moment we met to the day we said our vows (which was only 7 months after we met.) When you find "your person," time seems to take a back seat to love's certainty. We have two amazing sons. Kei, our oldest, and our youngest Giani Jr.

In the course of our 19 years of marriage, we started 2 businesses together. After settling into our home, we discovered a shared passion for construction and renovation. My husband's motto was, "You can design, and I will build," yet with his patient guidance, I also learned to swing a hammer – though he might contest that!

Over time, our shared love for crafting beautiful spaces to host friends and family gatherings grew stronger. This shared dream prompted us to return to Tennessee, seeking out the perfect piece of land to bring our event venue vision to life. Many might have thought us crazy, but through every challenge, we held onto our faith, our love for each other, and the unwavering support of our cherished family and friends. These factors have truly transformed our dream into a reality. Looking back, I wouldn't alter a single step of the journey we've walked together – a journey defined by faith, love, and patience.

decorative spltters
Saddle Point event venue owners
Outside are next to the barn at Saddle Point Event Venue
Rhonda and Giani Tavolazzi in the yard near the barn
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